Autor: Dijana Simić

Chatcat – logo design

This logo was created for a challenge that I invented: ” A new social platform named: “Chatcat” needs a logo. The company also has a vision to open a cafe or even a store in the future, when their business grows. The logo needs to be a bit feminine (because the company has a forecast that mostly women will use this app, but it must not exclude men) and simple (easily memorable). It needs to represent the purpose of the application well!”. My solution is: A speech bubble (chat icon) with ears and a tail. My idea was to make a simple logo that can change color occasionally (when needed) to make it more interesting (for example: when presented to men the color of the logo can be blue, when presented to women it can be pink and so on, depending on the occasion). The logo can be used on any background and object. Even the icon alone, without text, is recognizable.