Autor: Dijana Simić

Mr. Bean – logo design and branding

In 2019, I attended a course for which I was specifically chosen for. The course was for the advanced level of graphic design and it lasted for a week. The goal of this short course was for us to brand a coffee company. We were to choose a name and make a logo as well within this week.
Mr. Bean is the most well-known name around the world, so I took advantage of that in naming this brand (Mr. Bean is actually short for Mr. Coffee Bean). Top hat is one of my strongest associations to the word Mr./Gentleman, but instead of the cylinder there is a cup of fresh coffee (which can be deduced by the foam floating on the surface).
During this short course, I was able to come up with two designs, and, out of those two, this one was chosen to be on the exhibition organized after the course. I was very proud to be one of the selected few to attend this course and be on the exhibition.
This design also won an award on this exhibition.